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So I received a tag from Sara Dutkiewicz yesterday, asking that I share my reading list.  I’m a huge fan of hard science fiction, and over the years I’ve read a lot of it.

I just finished Saturn’s Children by Charles Stross.  It was okay, not Stross’ best work.  If you want to read great Stross, pick up:

  • Singularity Sky
  • Iron Sunrise
  • Accelerando

Before that was The Unincorporated Man by Dani and Eytan Kollin.  This is an awesome book!  I think it would make a great movie.  In the hands of a good writer and director, it could be a classic.  The next book, The Unincorporated War, is out in hardcover.  I’ll wait until March for the paperback- $25 is too much for a book.

Here is an incomplete list of my other favorite authors:

Peter F. Hamilton:  Nights Dawn series, Nano Flower, Fallen Dragon

David Brin: Uplift War series, Kiln People

Greg Bear:  Eon, Forge of God

Timothy Zahn:  Cobra series, Thrawn Trilogy (first Star Wars books set after episode 6)

Neil Gaiman:  American Gods, Sandman, Anansi Boys

Stephenie Meyer:  The Host, Twilight series (yes, I read them…)

Kim Stanley Robinson:  Mars trilogy (one of my favorites), Years of Rice and Salt

Tad Williams:  Otherland series

Vernor Vinge: A Deepness in the Sky, A Fire Upon the Deep

Robert Heinlein: Stranger From a Strange Land, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

One Comment on “Tagged, I’m It: My Reading List”

  1. Socialpaws says:

    You mention some real classics there. I’m not sure I can put Twilight next to some of the Sci-fi greats though. I recently reviewed 3 of the best sci fi books and hadn’t remembered some authors which you mention. I’ve stepped away from Sci Fi though and moved into more thriller type stuff.
    Best wishes,

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